Tuition Run VR

A CMU-themed endless running game where the player collects coins to help pay off their tuition. My teammates & I built it for CMU's Build18 2017. It was coded in Unity for VR headsets, with a Kinect to track user motion.

Window Washing Robot

My team's project for my capstone course, Mechatronic Design. This robot autonomously cleaned a pair of divided windows in a 3 minute timeframe. Our robot took first place in the competition between 6 teams.


Built during CMU's Build18 2016, Maggie the holographic receptionist can answer your questions about CMU. These include giving directions, finding open food spots, and special event lookups. Powered by Python & Unity on the front end and on the back end.

Battery Protection Module

My PCB in Carnegie Mellon Racing's 2017 racecar. This board prevents the battery voltage from reaching a dangerous level by cutting off the battery when the voltage approaches a dangerous level. The module has an exceptionally low quiescent current draw of 2.9 microamps.

Avocado Chair

As an industrial design project, my partner and I were tasked with creating a chair for milennials. Inspired by our generation's favorite toast, we created a whimsical chair shaped like an avocado. The chair was made by first creating a blender model, slicing it, then laser cutting the individual layers out of cardboard. The chairs are able to fully support the weight of an adult.

Unpowered Exoskeleton

I built a passive exoskeleton utilizing a knee brake that allows a user to walk while the exoskeleton supports loads of up to 70lb. Operator comfort is improved via custom 3-DOF joints that approximate the human hip. If you lock the exoskelton while crouching, it doubles as a wearable chair.